Day 101 – CT and Difficulties

What a crappy day and a half! I had planned a long post about how the days since I got back on the trail have been nice and relaxing, not exciting, but good days all in all. However yesterday/last night/this morning have been pretty tough.

After leaving NY the first town in CT is Kent, about 10 miles from the first border crossing. When I did my resupply in Kent I realized that there were no great options for my next resupply until Dalton, MA, probably a little less than a hundred miles away. I decided to resupply for 4.5 days and make a hard push for Dalton, then slow down after that. It was a good plan I guess, but it just hasn’t worked out.

Yesterday was the first full day of that haul, a 22 mile day. I had forgotten just how heavy 5 days of food is! It was rough hiking in general and the weight added to it. As the day went on I passed by a lot of hikers talking about the big rain storm that would be starting in the afternoon and lasting all night. Most decided to stop early for the day, but I had to make my resupply, so I pushed on.

The rain was a bit of a bummer, but not that bad. What made the day a misery is the fact that I managed to eat my whole day’s worth of food before noon. That meant I had to hike 12 miles on two small packets of crackers, even though I was carrying another 9 pounds of food on my back (because if I broke into that I would be even more hungry the next day).

I figured I would be able to push through the hunger and be fine by camp. I’ve hiked into town hungry before and once I push past my first big “hunger bump” I’m usually good to go on minimal calories. But yesterday I just kept getting more and more hungry. By the time I got to camp I was weak with hunger and a little woozy to boot. But that wasn’t even the worst part. I wasn’t hungry any more, per se, but my stomach ached, along with the rest of my body.

At least I was finally at camp though. I set up my tent and tried to nurse my wounds a bit. I realized there was a resupply option I missed just the next day, so I was able to pig out a little bit for dinner knowing I could buy more food the next day.

By the time I got dark I was feeling a little better, but was still mad that I screwed up my resupply and now would have to change all of my plans. Right as I was going to bed I hear a loud crash off in the distance. It startled me, but I wrote it off as a tree falling down, which it probably was. I wasn’t worried about my safety, but when something gives me a bit of a fright as I’m going to sleep solo camping it tends to make me sleep poorly, so that made me more frustrated. I tried really hard to put it out of my mind, and it was all but gone from my thoughts when I heard another loud crash, this time closer to my tent. I wrote it off again as a tree falling down, but after 3 months on the trail and never really hearing one fall before, it was harder to put two in one night out of my mind. Then about fifteen minutes later I hear a gunshot, also not too far away. Now I’m even more anxious, but at this point all I can do is laugh. This had to be the worst campsite ever.

A litany of smaller frustrations plagued me through the night and this morning, but I won’t ramble on about those too. Suffice to say I’m here, everything I own is covered with slugs, and I’m very frustrated about how poorly this resupply is going. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do to get back on track. I think I’m going to wait for the rain to stop this morning, do a short day today and a town stop this afternoon, and then make new, easier days until Dalton.

Sorry that this is such a boring post, I needed to vent a little bit. In other exciting news, I just crossed the 700 miles to go mark, will be done with CT and into MA by tonight, and am getting more and more excited for the whites/Maine as time goes on.

More later.


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