Day 45 – 6 weeks, 600 miles

Tonight I’m staying at the famous woods hole hostel tonight. It was an old 1800s era wood cabin which was found and renovated into a hostel by an older couple. It became renowned for its quiet charm and delicious morning meals which cost a nominal fee. It has now passed into a new era, which some past thru hikers regret, as the elderly couple has since passed away and the hostel is now run by their granddaughter and husband. They’ve expanded it and added a new emphasis on agrotourism and sustainable living. While the added commercialism is definitely noticeable, it’s still a very nice place to be and dinner was delicious.

Today was a cold, rainy day, so an unexpected clump of hikers are here. Even though we all agree it’s been a relatively solitary week, theres about 20 of us here tonight. The cold drove people who wouldn’t have otherwise come this far today to do so, and those who would’ve gone on to stay back. It’s been really nice chatting with everyone over dinner. There’s also a few long term southbounders, the first ive seen, staying here tonight, which is cool.

A guy I met at the very start of the trail and haven’t seen since Franklin, a town about 100 miles in, is here tonight. It was really great to see him. It’s funny, I hardly spent half a week hiking with him, and yet it’s like bumping into an age old friend. That’s one of the most remarkable parts of being out here I think. I often feel closer to people I’ve spent only a few nights with out here more than most people I see every week at school, and I suspect the feeling is mutual. We all joke how hard it will be to go back to the real world where not everyone is nice, has a smile on their face, and is glad to see you.

Yesterday I passed the 600 mile mark, and a few days back the six weeks on the trail mark. I’ve been out here a long time. The days have started to blend together in a really pleasant way. Last week feels like it could’ve been yesterday, and yesterday could’ve been a week ago. I bumped into a group of 3 brothers who I last saw 300 miles ago in hot springs, but it feels just like yesterday. It’s funny to look back and remember how pumped we were to be able to say we hiked 11% of the trail when now we’re more than a quarter of the way through.

Too tired to write more, on to Perisburg tomorrow, where I’ll try to make a quick stop. But towns have a way of sucking me in so we’ll see how it goes.

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