Day 43

This will have to be a super quick update since my phone is about to die. I did my largest mile day yet, 26 miles, which qualifies as a “marathon day” which is pretty cool.

I met Lakeland yesterday, one of the two people hiking the ECT (the eastern continental trail, which runs from the Florida keys to Newfoundland) this year. He’s been out for 160 days and has done 2500 miles already! Pretty crazy. He inspired me to start setting more concrete goals, which I think should re-energize my hiking. Today my goal was to hike a full 12 hours, so from 830 am to 830 pm. I hope to become more comfortable doing the long hours. Right now my body stops being happy after five o clock or so.

Rumor has it that there’s going to be a decent storm tomorrow, but the weather on my phone isnt showing it to be that bad. My tent is really messed up right now though, it now has 2 broken poles (woo go MSR! Durable products #1 superstar!) and I was planning on camping tomorrow night, so not too sure what to do about that. Might just have to suffer through it, there’s not really any better options. I

On to a resupply tomorrow, hostel the next night, then a quick blow through Perisburg the next day. Excited to get there though, have a lot of goodies waiting for me there. Brownies, new gear, and a new book!

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