Day 35-36

Nothing too crazy to write about tonight. The past handful of days have been incredibly pleasant. I feel like I’ve very much hit my stride out here. The numbers have thinned out considerably, either from drop outs or because we’re all spread out over 20 miles during the day, so I have the trail mostly to myself while hiking. It’s quite nice. After a month the very way I think has changed. Time goes much faster, hours pass without much strain, yet each moment feels the same length as they ever have. So my days hiking on the trail pass in quiet thought, but because time goes relatively quickly I don’t get bored of it. I find it very amicable. I find pretty much everything about the lifestyle out here very amicable for that matter.

I camped by myself for the first time ever last night. I had built it up to be such a big thing, having never done it before, but it turned out to be pretty easy. I didn’t have the least bit trouble sleeping. Then again I was texting a lot of friends back home, had emails to write, and some friends night hiked through, so I feel like I didn’t get the full experience. Still it was a good first experience and I feel much more comfortable being alone now.

One of my goals is to become completely comfortable camping alone before the hike is out. There’s so much freedom to be found out here, but if I can only enjoy it with company, I’m not truly free, no matter how compatible my companions and I are. Plus, there are a lot of hiking trips I would like to do back home, like speed hiking the long trail, that I would have to do alone.

My ankle is feeling better. I had to take it easy the day after the hostel, but I was still able to hike just short of 18 miles. I made pretty good time too. Today there was almost no pain at all, even after just shy of 20 miles.


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