Day 30-31

I wasn’t feeling well again yesterday, so I decided to zero at Uncle Johnny’s in Erwin. It took me a while to decide though, I packed up all of my gear before realizing what a bummer it would be to feel sick all week. So I decided to take the day off to get rid of it for good.

I’m proud to say I didn’t spend a single dollar that day (besides the fee to tent a the hostel). At each hostel there’s something called a hiker box. Someone at Neel’s Gap described it as primitive communism, but it’s closer to socialism. When a hiker doesn’t need/want a piece of gear or food, they place it in the box to give it away. I say it’s more like socialism because it’s seems often those who put into the boxes are those with more money to spend, and therefore are more likely to buy better gear or too much food, and those with less money are more likely to take. Sometimes the HB is filled with garbage, useless gear and mostly eaten jars of peanut butter. But sometimes it provides a bounty and yesterday was one of those days. I was able to feed myself for the day quite well and also able to extend my food resupply from 4 days to 5.

Today I hikes about 18 miles past Erwin to Cherry Gap Shelter. It was a good day, nice weather, but a little on the hot side. I ran out of water for the first time today about 2 miles from the next spring, so that was a bit rough. Probably my first experience with true mild dehydration on the trail. I’ll be more cautious next time though.

The past few days it has rained torrentially at about 5 o’clock, almost like clockwork. Today was no exception. About 10 minutes after I got to camp it started to rain and hail harder than I’ve seen so far. My tent stayed dry, but at this point everything is just a little damp. The rain sounds nice on the rainfly though…


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