This computer is giving me a hard time so I”ll have to write about each picture here instead of underneath each one:

1)North Carolina/Georgia border! First state crossing at about 80 miles in. Seems like ages ago, but it was very exciting at the time.

2) Just another mountain vista. Great view though. I can’t quite remember where this was taken. Chris and I joke that by the end of the hike we’ll have hundreds of pictures of mountains that all look the same.

3) The hundred mile view! This was taken at the top of Mount Albert, a steep climb right at the 100 mile mark. It had been raining the past 2 days so we took the opportunity to dry out our gear, which you can see behind me.

4) Part of the group who I’ve been hiking with since Neel’s Gap. From left to right, Turtle, Chris’ mom, Chris also now known as Taken (I threatened him with the trail name “Twinkletoes” if he didn’t pick a trailname by the end of the smokies), Waldo, who I hiked with on and off since day one, but is now a day behind us, myself, and Chris, also known as Screwloose, my enigmatic hiking companion. Chris doesn’t like telling people his trail name because he doesn’t want them to think he’s crazy, but it has nothing to do with his mental health. On his first backpacking trip as a teenager his pack squeeked like it had a screw loose, hence the trail name.

A little slice of Thruhiker life, drying out our gear on the porch of the Budget Inn in Franklin, NC.


More thruhiker lifestyle. Lunch break at the top of an old fire tower, now converted to an observation platform for hikers in North Carolina.

Chris pretending he’s in highschool, trying to take pictures in front of the evidence of our WILD night at the NOC. We camped out on a porch to drink a few beers and plan the next section of our trip before heading into the bathroom for the night.

Trail magic! We got to Stecoah Gap, about 17 miles before the smokies, and someone had left cookies and soda for the thruhikers. Catfish is to the right. I really wanted to take a picture of him, but wasn’t sure how he would take it, so I took this one very stealthily.

Fontana Dam, which as I mentioned before, the AT crosses over.

Our 200th mile on the AT! We took this yesterday at the tower on top of Clingman’s Dome. Technically Clingman’s Dome is at 199.1 miles in, but it’s also the highest point on the AT, so we figured it was good enough. The signs behind us say “People have been coming from all over since the 1700s to see Clingman Dome’s 360 degree views.” As you can tell, we had no view at all. The wind was ripping at about 20 miles an hour and visibility was very low. Still a happy, albeit cold, moment. Since it’s the highest point on the AT it’s all downhill from here right? (a common trail joke)

Another slice of life. Taking a break at a gap 1.7 miles before Newfound Gap (our route into Gatlinburg). I promised Chris that if I posted the goofy picture from before I would post at least one other good one.

Might not work? The sign at Newfound Gap had the mileage left until Kathadin which we all thought was pretty funny.

As promise, the calzon we had for dinner last night. It’s hard to grasp the scale of it from the picture, but the bowl in the middle was a standard sized soup bowl.


The computer is really giving me a hard time now, so I dare not upload any more or go back to proofread, so please forgive any typos. More from the trail tomorrow!



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  1. Keep it up!!! We all admire you and what you are doing

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