Day 10-11?

Today was one of those days when I’m thrilled to be a thruhiker. I had planned on skipping Franklin, but my friends had planned on heading into town. I was all set to continue on to the NOC until I said goodbye last night and realized what a bummer it would be to leave them behind for no good reason. So I decided to head into town and I’m really glad I did. I’ll be able to hike through the smokey’s with them and today in town was great.

It’s exciting to be in town in general but today was somehow so much better. Putting into words why it was makes it seem trivial, but I suppose I will anyways. I stopped by an outfitters who were just about as obliging as could be. They fitted me out with new insoles which should solve some nagging foot problems, gave me a ride to the grocery store, and shipped my mail drop for me cheaper than the post office could. Afterward I went shopping at dollar general and got 3 days of food for SIXTEEN dollars. Which is awesome. And I think it’s about three pounds too, so I’ll be hungry but not too hungry which is good.

After we went out to get pizza and beer. The food was wonderful, as was the beer. But the best part was midway through our meal we found out that an elderly hiker from the table over picked up our tab! It was a beautiful example of trail magic, when people do really kind things for thruhikers for no reason other than the kindness of it.

A great day to be a thruhiker all in all. Yesterday I crossed the 100 mile mark. I have some pictures I had hoped to post, but we got back from pizza too late so they’ll have to wait for a while. Maybe until after the smokies even, unless I can do them tomorrow morning before we go.


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