Days eight,nine

Day Eight Milage: 12ish
Day Nine Milage: 12.5

Another two shelters down. Yesterday was a great reminder of why it’s important to go lightweight. My pack weighed forty pounds leaving the hostel that morning and I could definitely feel it. The combination of the extra food required for a 6 day leg, and the fact that I tried to pack more food generally, led to a 12ish pound food bag. For comparison I had three pounds of food leaving Neel’s gap, which is admittedly too little, but it was also extremely weight efficient. Midway through the day I pledged to myself to never again take a six day leg so lightly, and to not pack anything that has less than 100 calories per ounce of weight.

I had a big dinner last night and today was better but the extra weight has definitely taken the spring out of my step.

It rained last night and has continued raining all day. I stayed dry and the rain stopped long enough in the morning to let me take my tent down without trouble. I think this upcoming section will be one of the first true tests of my and my companions’ mettle. It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow.

I had hoped to write more tonight, an anecdote I’ve been saving for a while, but I’m too tired and it’s getting late so it will have to wait for another time.

All in all, doing well. The twelve mile days feel good and I’m starting to feel comfortable doing them consistently. Maybe I’ll be able to ramp up the mileage again soon.


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