Day 1

Quick update from the trail mainly because I can, was not expecting to have service here.

Day one was great. I hiked something like 17 miles when all was said and done. Sixteen on trail, one to the start at the top of springer. Being out here is incredible for so many reasons, which ill write about more later, but today was mainly about getting to know my fellow travelers. There are so many people here! My worries about being lonely seem silly now. There are probably 30 people sharing this campsite with me right now.

I’ve met so many people from different parts of the country and different professions. Today I hiked for a few miles with a massage therapist from virginia beach and a commercial diver from baton rouge. And that’s just a small example.

More on that later, it’s too hard to write in depth on my phone.

My plan was to hike eight miles today, fifteen the next, then eight more to Neel’s gap, a hostel which is my next resupply. But today after eight miles it was only one o clock, so I decided to keep hiking to the next shelter 8ish miles away. It went pretty well, although my feet were getting pretty sore by the end.

Tomorrow I think I’ll have to put in another 15 mile day, although I’m not sure I’ll be able to. There has been significant bear activity over the ten miles before Neel’s, which I would like to avoid. Two hikers at the hostel last night found a bear-shredded pack on that section of trail and last year a bear wound up IN the shelter I would otherwise be staying at. So I’m going to try to hoof it to the hostel and spend the night there. We’ll see how that goes.

More later!


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