Let the Obsessing, Fiddling, and Scrimping Begin

I write that as if I haven’t been obsessing about gear for a week already. This morning I woke up in cold sweats much earlier than I usually do, it took me a few minutes to realize I had been dreaming about gear decisions.

Mainly at this point I’m terrified of being cold during the first leg of my trip. I’m trying to hold myself to a moderately strict lightweight standard, backpackinglight.com has become my bible over the past week, but my fear of the cold is holding me back. I’ve set myself, what I think is, a reasonable starting goal of a base weight (pack weight with no water or food) of under 15 pounds. I’d be pretty happy if I could make it lower than that. Tomorrow I’m going to target to pick up a scale to start weighing things out.

Things are starting to make sense, and I feel like I finally have my feet on the ground. But at the same time, it seems like there’s so much more research yet to do and no way I could ever make the best decision. I’m aiming for light/warm/good enough at this point.

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One thought on “Let the Obsessing, Fiddling, and Scrimping Begin

  1. liz

    Hey there hope ur,doing well I’m so happy for u at ur young age u already living ur dream …I can’t wait till ur the president ur gonna b the best one ever …I hope u brought ur skin so soft n some extra superhero undees with u….ilvu keep safe n enjoy the peace

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